This page is dedicated to Clubs that I am in.

VARC-Verulam Amateur Radio Club

I joined VARC in October 2020 after being recommended to do so by Stefano M7PWR/2E0FNU/G7RDX, they operate as G3VER, G4VER, G8VER & G3V.
They currently have a shack and 2 communications towers up at the Dunstable downs on national trust land with various antenna’s with the most notable one being the Opti-beam.

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OARC-Online Amateur Radio Community

I am one of the Founding members of OARC, although I do not hold a staff position with in the community I am an admin which mainly deals with the running of the discord bots and help with the occasional bug.

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FT8DMC-FT8 Digital Mode Club

I joined this club due to it being all about FT8, I have not done anything note worthy in this club yet so have nothing informative to put here 🙂

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