Passed my Foundation licence in early 2020 with the Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society (MKARS, G8MKC/M5MK) I started on 2m/70cm’s with a Anytone mobile rig and a Diamond X50n in the loft.

Whilst going through training I got into contact with Michael (M7SYN) who got me in APRS so when I got my licence I dabbled in beaconing and texting via it but due to my position I was lucky if I got into a Digipeater as the nearest one to me in Aylesbury was a lot lower and would not pick me and the next one was basically in Milton Keynes and out of range at 5W so I decided to get a NoV for at least an IGate.

For this reason and after some research (Thanks M5ET) I applied for a NoV which was granted and got the Callsign MB7RTR, I then proceeded to get some more parts from Moonraker including another Diamond X50.

When experimenting with using SDR’s I found that GB7CT (Tring DMR repeater) would blow out the receive on the SDR so I had to get a radio to use for it, So I got a second hand Yaesu FTM-3200D and if you check my coverage using the aprs direct link at the top you will see how its going.


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2M: 145.500
70CM's: 433.500

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