Do you require a VPN or IP Transit for Repeaters, Remote radios or similar hosting for amateur radio related projects?
If yes then get in contact.

Local Servers

I use various local providers for my own projects and have a good working relationship with most.

Its Free*

All services are provided free of charge to any verified amateur radio operator as per requirements of the AMPRNet rules that I am bound to.

IP Information

I have been issued a by the ARDC which I announce on one of my routers

*”Its Free*” Why the asterisk?

The service is completely free to all users but a small donation towards the running costs of the servers would be greatly appreciated.

This is not a requirement to access any services and will never be.

Can I send any traffic through the VPN?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Due to the rules and policies set in place by the ARDC/AMPRNet any traffic leaving any of the 44Net range has to be amateur radio related and as such traffic is run through the vpn is run by my own internal dns filter and firewalls.

If you are unsure of whether your traffic is allowed then please contact me at: [vpn] at [m7smi] dot [ovh]

Can I test the latency to your servers?

Yes of course you can, I would suggest connecting/going to the site where you plan on using the VPN and running ping, MTR or traceroute test to:

Location: Interxion LON1

If that IP doesn’t respond its likely we have blackholed the traffic up stream due to an attack on the IP but the traffic will be being routed for all other IP’s via another path either via 3 Centro (Gyron Hemel) or LON2/3 or Interxion Watford

Need hosting for service/website?

If you need hosting for a service or your own website (amateur radio related) then please contact me at: [webmaster] at [m7smi] dot [ovh]

I will email you back so I can set you up an account on either: cPanel, vestaCP or equivalent specific to your needs.

Who needs this?

I found recently when one of the clubs I am a member of changed the location of there shack and had to rely on mobile broadband to get online, that the remote radio they operate could no longer go online through remote hams due to the need to open ports which is not available on any non business grade mobile broadband due to the use of CGNAT.

So this service if for situations similar to the above or even repeaters fed by mobile broadband or similar connections that use CGNAT.

Why so many different email addresses?

I have built a ticket system that imports the emails received to categories so it is easier and faster to deal with anything that comes in.

Why is my traceroute failing/looping?

Sometimes there may be an issue with one of the transit providers that feed the datacentres I use and I may not notice the issue due to the path my home ISP uses.

If you do notice an issue with your connection to my servers then please do contact me at [routing] at [m7smi] dot [ovh] and I will stop the router announcing to the provider with the issue to see if that alleviates your issue.

Any other questions?

Have a question I haven’t answered here then please email me at [m7smi] at [m7smi] dot [ovh] and I will get back to you with an answer.

Sponsor this project

Are you a Radio club/society, repeater group or equipment manufacturer and want to sponsor a project aimed at helping clubs, repeater groups and other amateur radio operators get there projects online whether it be there website all the way up to vpns to enable repeaters or remote radios online using mobile broadband that don’t allow opening ports then click the button below and get in contact!